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RED HEAD RL-34 Drop-in Concrete Floor Anchor 1" OD 3/4" Bolt, 10 TPI


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Wagner-Martin Development


model CL-34

Red Head brand 3/4" Coil Thread Drop-In Concrete Anchors

for use with

The Mighty Duke Power Pull®


These floor anchors are recommended for use with The Mighty Duke Power Pull systems. These premium high carbon steel anchors can also be used for many other situations requiring a secure placement of equipment to concrete floors.

Type     Drop-In Anchor
Diameter (Inch)     3/4
Overall Length (Inch)     2
Material     Carbon Steel
Material Specification     Grade 3
Finish/Coating     Zinc-Plated
Media Capacity (Lb.)     7800
Type     No Screws; Plated-Steel Material
Minimum Depth (Inch)     3-3/16

Look also for quantity discounts in boxes of 25 units per box. One Box is enough for most layouts.

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